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Be Part Of the ELITE TEAM



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Be Part Of the ELITE TEAM

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Join part of the ECS Elite Team to get the latest in ECS product/services updates & announcements and automatically enter our drawing for random prizes (no purchase necessary). Also, NOW ALL ECS product (motherboard and graphics cards) owners have the opportunity to get expedited service! We've now upped the ante and are offering the same industry-first luxury service for all of our motherboards and graphics cards purchased after Dec. 31st, 2011.

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1.      NOW, ALL ECS Motherboards and VGA purchased after Dec. 31st, 2011 will also be backed by the 99-Hour Replacement Service.
2.      Register your motherboard or graphics cars after logging in. If you should ever find any issues with the product or require a replacement, ECS will process your return and ship out a replacement within 24 hours after receiving it via 3 Day shipping service.


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