Q: How to setup RTC Alarm feature of LIVA MINI PC? 

Please follow below steps to configure your BIOS. Then RTC Alarm should work on LIVA MINI PC
1. Disable "EUP Function" of "Power Management Setup" like following picture.
(Note: It's a must to disable EUP if you intend to enable RTC Alarm on LIVA MINI PC)

2. When setting "Resume By RTC Alarm" to [Every Day] as below screenshot.

3. Please specify the time in below items you hope to turn on the system (in this example the time is set to 00:03:00.).

4. If you set "Resume By RTC Alarm" to [Enabled] as below.

5. You must specify which day & when you like to turn on system (in this case, we set it to Day 1, 00:03:00. So system will automatically power on at 00:03:00 of the 1st day in each month.).

6.It’s a must to uncheck ”Turn on fast startup” feature as following picture if your OS is Windows 8/8.1.

Q: How to setup wake of LAN (WOL) feature of LIVA MINI PC? 

Please follow below guide to set up WOL function.
1. To enable WOL in BIOS, please access "Power Management Setup" in BIOS setup menu to set "Resume By PME" as [Enabled].

2. Disable "EUP Function" of "Power Management Setup" as following picture. Save & Exit CMOS Setup. (Note: It's a must to disable EUP if you intend to enable WOL function on LIVA MINI PC.).

3. It’s a must to uncheck ”Turn on fast startup” feature as following picture if your OS is Windows 8/8.1, then you can use Magic Packet to wake up your system from a subnet different system.

Q: Ubuntu can’t boot up without monitor plugged to LIVA MINI PC 

Due to Ubuntu security setup, LIVA MINI PC won’t boot up without monitor plugged in under Ubuntu OS. So we suggest you to connect the monitor when first booting up, during the system power on, hot plugging of the monitor is acceptable.

For more information to solve the issue, please check on official forum of Ubuntu:


Q: Can I install Ubuntu OS for LIVA MINI PC? 

Ubuntu OS is not officially supported by LIVA MINI PC, but the latest Ubuntu 14.04 LTS is able to being installed into LIVA MINI PC. However, due to no official Ubuntu Driver provided by wireless card vendor, it is unable to support WiFi / Bluetooth function.

Q: LIVA MINI PC's Audio Combo Jack Support 

The audio combo jack supports Line up and Mic in. But due to chipset limitation, microphone is only compatible with iPhone devices.

Q: Why can’t I press keyboard of LIVA MINI PC to enter BIOS Menu? 

Windows 8 “Fast Boot” function greatly shortens the time for entering BIOS Menu. Please refer to below link to disable “Fast Boot“.



Q: How to prevent Bluetooth Device of LIVA MINI PC from disconnection? 

To solve the problem, please follow below settings.

Device Manager -> Bluetooth Radio -> Power management
-> "Allow the computer to turn off the device to save power" to cancel as below screenshot.

Q: What is M.2 slot (NGFF) for? 

The M.2 slot (NGFF) can only support wireless card. If you need to expand the storage, use a HDD device with USB interface.

Q: Do I need to buy CPU for LIVA MINI PC? 

There's no need for extra CPUs. LIVA MINI PC adopts Intel® SoC (System-on-a-Chip), which is a system level integration that integrates all components, including CPU, into a single chip, making LIVA MINI PC extremely small and mobile.

Q: LIVA X2/Core Supports Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 OS? 

LIVA X2 and Core support Windows 8.1 OS for a better desktop experience.
If you want to install Windows 7 on M.2 SSD, please download Windows 7 Image Builder and follow the steps on the below file to get it done.

*Please note that Windows 7 is unable to be installed into eMMC.