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G11  V1.0  None  2013/05/02 

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The touch panel of G11 (H61H-G11 V1.0) is not working under Windows 8, but it’s working well under Windows 7, how to fix it?

Please download the G11 (H61H-G11 V1.0) latest BIOS & update it to fix the issue of touch panel is not working under Windows 8.

Update BIOS SOP:

Short "ME_DIS" herder in G11 (H61H-G11 V1.0) motherboard:

Besides, since the G11(H61H-G11 V1.0) used touch panel device can’t pass Win8 WHCK certification, in other word, if you install Win8 OS in the G11 system, our touch panel vendor can’t guarantee the G11 system’s touch panel can work under Win8 OS, this is G11 system’s touch panel limitation, if you need the touch panel with AIO system can pass Win8 WHCK certification, we suggest you can choose G24 AIO system with touch panel.