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V20-BAT  V1.3  None  2016/01/06 

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How to update BIOS?


1. Make sure your USB flash supports "UEFI boot". (You can refer to below URL for "how to make UEFI Bootable USB Flash".)

2. Unzip the BIOS package to the USB flash (in this example, the BIOS pacakge is 131123.rar).
The content of the USB Flash as below:

3. Remove all boot device
4. Plug the USB flash into V20
5. Power on the system
6. System will boot to UEFI mode
7. Type “ fs0: ” (the path of the USB flash)  and  press Enter

8. Type afuefix64p.efi 131123.rom /p /b /n /x to update the BIOS

9. When BIOS update finish, restart the system