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FAQ/General FAQ

Nome do Produto Versão FAQ Type Última Atualização
H55H-M  V1.0/1.1  None  2010/06/01 

Título da Questão
Should I enable C-STATE in BIOS Setup for Intel® Turbo Boost feature?

Yes, it is recommended. When you attempt to support Turbo Boost Technology with Intel® Turbo Boost supporting processors, it is suggested to enable C-State in BIOS to obtain better performance if it is available.
For example,
One particular processor may allow up to two frequency steps (266.66 MHz) when just one core is active and one frequency step (133.33 MHz) when two or more cores are active. Therefore, higher deep C-state residency ("C3" or "C6") on some cores will generally result in increased core frequency on the active cores.

- Refer to Intel® Turbo Boost Technology