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FAQ/General FAQ

Nome do Produto Versão FAQ Type Última Atualização
H57H-MUS  V1.0A  None  2010/07/06 

Título da Questão
When I power on my H57H-MUS MB, I get "no display" & there are some short beeps. What is wrong?

Please make sure your CPU is Intel Core i5/i3 series with "Intel HD Graphics". First make sure the CPU is in the CPU Support list as the link indicated in CPU tag. Then check the CPU if "Graphics" support. For more detail about the CPU information. Please visit Intel Webstie. If your processor has no “Integrated Graphics”, you must install a PCI-E graphics card to get the display output. Otherwise, you may receive "no display" on this model. For more information about this behavior, please check out the Intel website below.