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PF4 Extreme  V1.0  Specification  2010/05/25 

Título da Questão
(1) What is the voltage for PCI Expressx16 (PCI-E1)slot on PF4? (2) What is the voltage for PCI Express x2 (PCI-E2/E3) on PF4? What device can it be used with? (3) What does "Dual Channel DDR" mean on PF4?

1. The PF4 only support Express x16 (PCI-E1) and Express x1 (PCI-E2/E3) slot.
2. It didn't support Express x2 slot. These PCI Express slots only support +12V and +3V voltage. We did test the LAN card for PCI Express x1 and VGA card for PCI Express x16.
3. Please visit the following web site for Dual Channel DDR question.