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FAQ/General FAQ

Nome do Produto Versão FAQ Type Última Atualização
K7VZA  V3.0  General FAQ  2010/06/01 

Título da Questão
I like to update the V3.7 BIOS to upgrade CPU and HDD, but why M/B can't flash BIOS by winflash?

The K7VTA V3.0 can suuport CPU to AMD Athlon XP 2600+(0.13u) and HDD can support to 250GB.
Below are Flash BIOS procedures
1.Please update BIOS under pure DOS mode
2. Boot from a bootable disk.
3. Insert a disk with awd832b.exe and vza37.bin ROM file.
4. Execute "awd832b vza37.bin /sn/py/r" command under A:>
5. Load the default setting.