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K7VTA3  V8.0  General FAQ  2010/05/14 

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Does KT600-A support AMD Sempron 3000+ CPU?

AMD Sempron CPU is supported in KT600-A PCB v6.x and 8.x. The old version before v6.x doesn't support Sempron CPU. KT600-A also supports AMD Athlon XP up to 3200+ and all 200/266/333/400Mhz FSB CPUs. The latest version BIOS is v1.2c. Please update BIOS as below steps.

1. Extract the utility to a disk and copy BIOS .bin file to this disk.
2. Boot from floppy with bootable disk.
3. Insert the disk(with utility and BIOS) .
4. Execute the awd832b XXX.bin /sn/py/r
5. Load the default setting.
6. Save the BIOS then restart the system.