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FAQ/General FAQ

Nome do Produto Versão FAQ Type Última Atualização
K7VZA  V3.0  General FAQ  2010/06/22 

Título da Questão
I got ATI Radeon 9800SE, and Windows hangs or hangs on start.

Since the 4X AGP slot design of hardware that is difference from 8X AGP slot, so we don't guarantee all of the 8x garphic card can suit with your M/B. Please be infromed that and the table of compared for your reference. AGP1.0 AGP2.0 AGP3.0 Signaling 3.3V signaling 1.5V Signaling New 0.8V Signaling Protocol Pipelined transactions + AGP1.0 + Fast Writes AGP2.0 + Some Source synchronous enhancements – some clocking deletions (See Sec1.5.1) Speeds 2X, 1X 4X, 2X, 1X 8X, 4X Connector 3.3V keyed 1.5V keyed, Universal 1.5V keyed, Universal