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General FAQ

When trying to update BIOS then pop up a message "Please check if ME_UNLOCK is shorted". How can I fix it?"

When trying to update BIOS with ME fireware updated, the screen may pop up a message “Please check if ME_UNLOCK is shorted”, please follow the below steps to flash BIOS again.

1. Turn off your PC, and then short the ME circuit with jumper, please refer to the user manual for detail of ME header.
2. Turn on your PC, and then update BIOS.
3. After updating BIOS (Press clear CMOS button or move the jumper from the "normal" position to the "clear" position. Then place it back in the "normal" position again. It depends on your motherboard.), please remove the ME jumper after turning off the PC.
4. Please clear CMOS, then turn on the PC, the screen should display “CMOS Setting Wrong”, please follow the prompt to press “Del” key or other key enter CMOS, and then Load Default Setting, Save & Exit CMOS.

--Short the ME circuit with jumper.

--Remove the ME jumper.