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General FAQ

How can I install RAID wihtout legacy FDD support on motherboard?


You can install RAID driver with USB floppy drive ,please refer to the steps below how to implement .

Steps :
1.Make sure your USB floppy drive and diskette are good ,copy RAID driver to diskette ,then connect to your PC ,
2.Set SATA Mode as "RAID" in your BIOS ,Save & Exit CMOS ,
3.Please press the prompt key to enter the RAID manu as display indicated ,the prompt key of AMD is "Ctrl+F" ,for
Intel platform is "Ctrl+I" ,for Nvidia platform is "F10" ,and configure RAID setup ,
4.Boot from the Windows CD ,press "F6" to install RAID driver when the Windows setup prompt it ,
5.If RAID driver fails to load during setup Windows XP , please visit the website below for more information about
it .