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General FAQ

If enable CPU Frequency Ctrl in BIOS setup menu for OC purpose with some AMD Black Edition series CPUs, there will be black screen after reboot by saving & exit the setup menu.

This issue may occur because the CPU Frequency and CPU Voltage have not set to acceptable value, the computer unable to start and black screen. For example, the computer equip with the AMD Phenom™ II X2 550 CPU, its frequency is 3100MHz, its voltage is 1.30V, when you enable CPU Frequency Ctrl in BIOS setup menu, the default value of CPU Frequency is x8 1600MHz, the default value of CPU Voltage is 1.550V like the below picture, this issue may occur if you save & exit setup without set CPU Frequency & Voltage to proper value. Please clear CMOS by BIOS jumper to recover this issue, then access CMOS setup to set CPU Frequency/CPU Voltage/NB Frequency to workable value, save & exit setup.