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BKi810E  V3.3A  BIOS
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1. If the BKi810E V3.3A continuously displays advertisement graphics, a few of the units will freeze up after 2 to 8 hours. After a key or mouse button is touched or if a keyboard or mouse plug is installed, the PC just continues normally.
2. We could not find a function in the BIOS that supports "power on after power failure."

1. You should upgrade the BIOS to the 01419en.bin version, and upgrade the VGA driver to V6.2, then disable all power management in your system.
2. For the "power on after power failure" issue, go into the BIOS CMOS Setup Utility -- Integrated Peripherals -- PWRON After PWR-Fail and select "ON".

BKi810E BIOS 2001/04/19